Coaching Process

I.      First you must complete the athlete questionnaire with as much detail as possible.

II.      Prior to the development of your training program, Coach Jake will meet with you virtually or in person (depends on where you are located and which is preferred) to go over your completed questionnaire and review your goals and current condition.

III.      Once the goals and timeline are officially established, and a coaching agreement has been made by both parties, You will then be directed to create a Training Peaks Account as this is how you will receive all of your workouts.

IV.      Workouts will be given to you at least one week at a time, but depending on the circumstances you may get two to three weeks of workouts at a time.

V.      Both you and Coach Jake will be able to comment on each workout both before and after completing it.  Your Coach will evaluate your workouts throughout the week and make changes as needed.

VI.      Once a week you and your coach will communicate via phone, video, or in person (all depends on location and comfort levels) to discuss the week completed and the week to come.  This is your time to ask any questions.

VII.      Your coach will be able to adjust your workouts or customize them to accommodate any personal needs you might have such as vacations, holidays, etc.

VIII.      There are no contracts and you will have the option to leave the program at any time.