Terry K.'s Success Story

Terry K.

Over the years I have worked with a few running coaches, but none as knowledgeable and caring as Jakob. We met through a friend and we ended up doing a Ragnar together. We had talked about my running goals for myself and he immediately said “I have no doubt you can achieve them.” I asked him to give me some advice or tips and he was happy to oblige. I started his workouts that he had happily given me and I instantly saw a change in my running. A few short months later he because my official running coach. Since I have started with him, I have achieved more in these few short months then I have with past running coaches I used for a couple of years. I am getting PR after PR and the actual muscle growth in my legs has been astonishing. In the beginning of 2019 before I met him, my 5k time was 35+ minutes. By the end of 2019 I dropped 10 minutes off that and I am snow around a 25 minute 5k time. I know that having such an amazing coach in my corner, I will achieve all of my running goals for this year and beyond….as long I am willing to put in the work.